No can't forgive Doyle for what she did.

We'll need more time than that.


If you really want to know, all you need to do is ask.

I love the sound of children laughing.

My washing machine broke.


Dion is very petty.

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Corey married John's widow.

Which wire should I cut, the red one or the white one?

You've been waiting for over three hours.


I'm not poor.

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They caught him.


Finish off your plate before going out.


The girl likes the dog.


The train arrived on time to Kyoto.

Irfan called me from Boston.

He wrote a letter dealing with the matter in all seriousness.

There are two sides to every question.

I did not sleep at all last night.

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In the Bible, it says that we are the image of God.

We're done for now.

It's about three kilometers from here to the coast.


The door is ajar.

Hey, I just got here.

Why are you all dressed up?

Popes are soft targets, they don't issue fatwas but only bulls.

I know someone who lives in your neighborhood.

Lyndon doesn't want to spend the rest of his life in prison.

I don't have many opportunities to do that.

Earl meets Kerri in the school library two or three times a week.

In the wild fire of thought, there is an element of the destruction of the self.

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An evening glow often promises good weather.


I'm going to move next month.

A prudent question is one-half of wisdom.

He was a very smart lawyer and politician.

"Kimi, get out of the fucking way." "Don't shout there, fucker. I'll get out of the way when I have a chance, but not during a fast corner."

Get out of my sight!

There is no way of knowing where he's gone.

The rumor proved to be true.

Nici doesn't want to be found.

With a little more care, the driver could have avoided such a tragic accident.


The baby was named John after his uncle.

Farouk is adding sentences to Tatoeba.

They look relieved.

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Himawan's got the key.

What are you holding?

The new boy is distant because he does not know us.

When does it open?

You may have to pay a little more.

The Milky Way is called a spiral galaxy because it has long arms which spin around like a giant pinwheel.

He always shows cowardice.

Where did you drive them?

You know I hate it.

I'll never talk to them again.

The vacation is over now.

Do as you please. It makes no difference to me.

Did Kathleen say anything at all about why he didn't arrive on time?

The victory is yours.

People think that I'm serious.

Sanjay is coming to the party, too.

Do you two work together?

Time is the most precious thing of all.

I cannot find the page I was looking for.


Del broke her promises.

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It was only after years that my mother told me the truth.

Sanity is still just a baby.

Eva climbed the stairs to Romer's office, trying to analyse the complex smell in the stairwell - a cross between mushrooms and soot, ancient stour and mildew, she decided.

I have some errands to run.

The naughty boy broke his leg. He would have broken his head less he didn't grab to the handrail in time.

Please let me tell you a little bit about this position.

This isn't what I was looking for.


I'd better help Ritchey out.

It is no use arguing about it.

My dream came true.

Intruder alert, red spy's in base!

Marcia doesn't look his age.

I think he is the greatest artist of the time.

The house deprived us of light.

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I can't do all of this by myself.


A green field is a beautiful field.

I'm not going to let Tarmi do that.

How much is the most expensive car?

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When does the plane leave?


He has numerous friends in the Diet.

If Bruno escapes, it'll be your fault.

Their blood will be distributed to many people.

She showed me the poems that she had written in her youth.

Light is no less necessary to plants than water.


A word once spoken can never be recalled.

Children often blame themselves when their parents divorce.

Why didn't you help him?

Do I remind you of the one of the guys you left behind?

All of us surely make mistakes, don't we?

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I move that hanging be abolished.

We keep two goats.

I can't get them to help me.

Just tell me where to go.

There's a bottle of white wine in the refrigerator.

The footprints continued down to the river.

As is often the case with him, he was late.


Who knows what else there might be?

How much space does the building occupy?

What's your favorite bar in Boston?

Consequences will never be the same!

Yidir is a universal artist.

I must go and find Noam.

Teruyuki asked me to do something I knew shouldn't do.

This book is very popular among women.

When did I try to give you money?


The Sahara is a vast desert.

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The older one grows, the weaker one's memory becomes.

I don't think I should complain so much.

I thought after what you went through, you'd want to quit.

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A is enough, but B is not enough.

You were too late.

Guys, can you give us some fun facts so that our listeners will never forget your countries?


Tor will officiate.

We're back where we started.

That's very crazy.

Let him know.

I didn't know Rees could do that.

Russian salad is made with potatoes, olives, tuna, and other vegetables.

Many newspaper reporters attended the trial.

When it comes to cooking, no one can equal Matt.

Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.

What I want is a gin tonic.

You knew Konrad was leaving, didn't you?

Steven doesn't have to listen to what Jon says.

Does Ji know how Alejandro feels about John?

Please come hungry.

I refuse to let you marry that man!

I don't have a problem.

Dan shot and killed himself in this room.

George has made his position clear.

I don't think that's helping.

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He has an unpleasant look in his eyes.

You don't sound surprised.

Everybody burst into laughter.

Jin is no longer amused.

I can't go along with Jim's plan.

Spike clenched his hands tightly.

Did you get my flowers?

She tuned her guitar.

I wonder how long would it take him to solve Schrodinger's equation using his calculator.

Leon advertised his saxophone for sale.

I would like to get your latest catalogue.

Hello everyone! My name is Naren.

She weighs about ninety pounds, soaking wet.

You're the only person I know that can't swim.

Do you want to hear something interesting?

I was planning on going to the beach today, but then it started to rain.

It's your duty to vote.

The fence is painted green.

Theo went on an errand.


Why would I tell them that?

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You still can't stand her, can you ?

He is in with the boss.

He bicyled to the beach every weekend.

This book is a must for every student studying English.

Why is a raven like a writing desk?

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The less delay, the better.

Did you see the cowboy film on TV last night?

They are facing financial problems.

Can you prove that what you said is true?

You're sad now but, with time, you'll get over it.

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Where should I put it?

Think nothing of it.

Celia will say yes.